Timetable for the Holy Week of 18/04-24/04

Great Wednesday

Volunteers are needed for the cleaning of our church and preparing it for the Paskha (Easter). Church will be opened from 4pm.

18.00 – Holy Unction

Great Thursday

10.00 – Divine Liturgy.

17.30 – Matins with the Twelve Passion Gospels.

Great Friday

10.00 – Royal Hours

18.00 – Vespers with the Procession of the Shroud. Matins with the Burial Service of the Lord

Great Saturday

The blessing of Easter foods every hour starting from 18.00 (18.00, then 19.00 etc).

22.00 – Reading of Acts of the Apostles

23.30 – Midnight Service

00.00 – THE GLORIOUS RESURECTION OF JESUS CHRIST. EASTER (PASKHA). Easter Matins and Divine Liturgy. Festive meal upstairs after the Liturgy (around 3-4am). Everybody is welcome. Please bring wine and food.

PLEASE NOTE the parking on the Clarence Road is limited so kindly park on the neighbouring streets. Also please keep quiet outside the church so no disturbance caused to our neighbours.

There will be NO Liturgy nor any service on Sunday morning at 10am.