Pilgrimage to Saint Seiriol’s water source in Wales on Saturday, 7th of August

Dear brothers and sisters,

With the blessing of bishop Matthew, on Saturday, 7th of August, I am cordially inviting all those who wish to take part in the pilgrimage to the holy source, the water from which was used by Saint Seiriol and his brethren for drinking and for the sacrament of Christening in the 6th century.  This very source is still gushing out of the ground in the same very place! (See https://pravoslavie.ru/125701.html?fbclid=IwAR26DUv63KTQoEqc5q5ybtMg3VwOQ4v8nZ9rHrd_CvqKBgo5zl7WgcXxQZI).

We will have an early Divine Liturgy in our Pokrov church in Manchester (64 Clarence Rd, Longsight, Manchester M13 0YE). It will start at 8:00 AM (Hours will start at 07:45 AM. There will be a common confession).

We are planning to leave Manchester no later than 10:30 AM (please use your own transport), so that we could hold a water blessing prayer service at 13:00 at the holy source in Wales (Llangoed, Beaumaris LL58 8RR). Near the source, there are remains of the hermit dwelling of Saint Seiriol. Experts call it “the oldest surviving Christian building in Wales”.

After the prayer service we will visit the 12th century’s monastery church (Llangoed, Beaumaris LL58 8SP). It stands in place of the previous wooden church building (dated 6th century). In the Middle Ages the holy relics of Saint Seiriol were kept in its crypt under the altar. Crowds of pilgrims were queueing up to pray here and ask him for his patronage and for being healed. Two Celtic carved crosses dated 10th century stand out as the holy objects of the church (you can see the Irish and the Scandinavian influences in them), which were initially placed by the monastery gates. Also, you can see the Christening font that is of the same age as the crosses, stained glass picture of Saint Seiriol, which goes back to the time of Augustinians before the Reformation.  The church was consecrated in the name of Saint Seiriol and is now used by the Welsh Anglican Church. Within the church territory you can see the former sleeping quarters of the monks, the monastery’s dining hall,  the cellar and the rector’s house. Also, a fishpond fed with the holy water source is still located at the territory of the church.

Please bring food and drinks with you and we will have a picnic by the sea. We will enjoy the amazing views of the Conwy Bay.

08.00 – Divine Liturgy in Manchester ( 64 Clarence Rd, Longsight, Manchester M13 0YE)

13.00 – Water blessing prayer service at the Saint Seiriol’s source in Wales (Llangoed, Beaumaris LL58 8RR).

Perhaps, some people can attend the Liturgy in Manchester ands some can come straight to the holy source at 13.00.