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Thank you

Dear brothers and sisters,

I would like to thank all of you for your generous contribution to our Christmas feast. The food you brought was excellent and was very much appreciated by all of us. I also want to thank the organisers of the children's Christmas party. It was a beautiful celebration in which the children displayed great talent and enthusiasm. And the party food was delicious! Many thanks also to the devoted parishioners who worked so hard in the kitchen and to those who cleaned the church and the whole building after our celebrations.

As you know, every Sunday we follow a long-established tradition of our Pokrov parish of meeting together after the Lliturgy over a light lunch, which is now even more desirable, as we want to offer a meal to our priest, Fr. Dmitry, before his return to London. We are always very grateful for any food you bring on Sundays.
With love to all,
Mariana (starosta)